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Rock Wall Garden Guided Walk $15/person ($12 for 65+)

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Starting June 1st or by reservation prior to June 1st

Join Artist/Co-owner Terrence Howell on a walk through Grates Cove National Historic Site. This guided tour of the Walled Landscape of Grates Cove National Historic Site shares the storied history of this centuries old community. Learn of The Molly shipwreck, John Cabot in Grates Cove and the D'Iberville raids of 1697 while taking in spectacular views of the North Atlantic and ancestral Rock Wall Gardens. Tours start 11am at site parking lot every Mon/Tues/ Thurs/Fri (No Wed) Please visit www.gratescovestudios.com or call 709.5873880 for details or to register. Please wear walking shoes as terrain is uneven. Tour last approximately 1 hour and includes tea/coffee at the Open Studio Restaurant.

Bayou Bay: Cajun Cooking in the Cove $99/person

Featuring the seafood Newfoundland is renowned for in the family recipes she brought with her from the Bayou, Louisiana native and Grates Cove Studios co-owner Courtney Howell shares the fundamentals of Cajun cooking in this hands-on workshop. You'll also learn the two hundred year connection between the Bayou and Grates Cove while you chop, stir and enjoy a delicious meal in a fun and relaxed environment. Whether a beginner or seasoned cook you'll gain new skills to delight family and friends.

Sushi and Scrunchions $99/person

Sushi with a local twist! Sharing skills acquired while living in South Korea, Grates Cove Studios artist in residence Terrence Howell combines Korean and Newfoundland cuisine creating unique dishes highlighting the best from both traditions. You’ll cover the fundamentals of sushi, seaweeds and scrunchions, learn the history of this community that still makes its living from the sea, and discover when it come to seafood we truly are a global village. Visit www.gratescovestudios.com to register.

Printmaking $99/person

Grates Cove Studios artist in residence Terrence Howell introduces you to the ancient art of woodblock printmaking. A guided tour of the walled landscape of the National Historic Site allows opportunity to sketch, photograph or just take in the spectacular views. Following a delicious lunch at The Open Studio Restaurant, Terrence guides you as you transfer your image to wood, then onto mulberry rice paper, creating 4-6 original, one colour prints of your own design. Visit our website for more details.

Picnics, Petrels and Porpoises $35/person

Located at the "beginning" of the Baccalieu Trail, the heart of the walled landscapes of the National Historic Site and next door to Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve, Grates Cove Studios is a naturalists, hikers and history buffs paradise. Our eco-friendly picnic backpacks are filled with goodies from The Open Studio Restaurant, perfect to take along as you explore, discover and marvel at the sheer beauty of what surrounds you. We even provide a blanket and berry-bucket (in season)!


Art of Place | Starting at $2499

Grates Cove Studios five day workshop with artist in residence Terrence Howell invites you to explore ‘Art of Place’. Amidst spectacular views of the North Atlantic coastline experience this remote place. From our studio at the edge of the world explore how sense of place colours our perception of ourselves and our world. Discover the Art of Place, and your place within it, at Grates Cove Studios.

Explore 150 acres of the Walled Landscape of Grates Cove National Historic Site and hike the trail that leads to the Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve. Ramble centuries old footpaths surrounding Grates Cove, Daniels Cove and Red Head Cove and discover diverse inhabitants from rare orchids, plentiful berries and ‘tuckamore’ to seabirds nesting in Newfoundlands largest seabird nesting site. Watch whales feed on capelin, a small bait fish that fuels the North Atlantic’s largest and most majestic ambassadors, while relaxing on the deck (or ‘bridge’ as they are known here) of our cozy Harbour House B&B. Learn the history of this community from families that have lived and welcomed people to this shore for hundreds of years.

Discover how tenacity, hope and deep respect for the land and sea are the cornerstone of this settlement as you walk among rock walls that define the landscape as much as the community that built them.

Grates Cove Studios artist in residence Terrence Howell (BFA), a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland Grenville College Visual Arts program, grew up exploring the wild beauty surrounding Grates Cove. Since returning to Grates Cove with his family and establishing Grates Cove Studios in 2011, Terrence continues to explore and expand his mediums to include woodworking, pottery and printmaking, and his work continues to draw international attention. Terrence Howell represented by Christina Parker Gallery, in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Visit to www.karlchilcott-art.com and view Swedish artists Karl Chilcott and Christine Chilcott’s experiences at Grates Cove Studios.

  • 5 night stay at our recently renovated, large ensuite rooms at Harbour House B&B
  • 5 days Breakfast & Lunch included (please advise of allergies/ dietary restrictions upon booking)
  • Access to Open Studio, including equipment (call for details and full inventory).
  • Individual artists can discuss additional requirements upon booking. (Supplies not included ,though arrangements made to procure where possible)
  • 18hr with artist in residence Terrence Howell to assist with development of your project.
  • Miles of hiking, spectacular scenery and incredible history of this unique, centuries old community.
  • Participation in any of our Culinary Workshops
  • Group rates available.
  • Transpiration to Grates Cove not included, though arrangements can be made. Call for details.
  • Taxes, Gratuities not included.

Booking and Availability

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Food Themed

Learn how to cook in the Creole or Cajun style with your host Courtney Howell. If Sushi is your calling, Terrence Howell will teach you how to prepare and make excellent looking (and tasting!) Sushi with fresh, local ingredients.

Custom Menu with your Stay

After a long day exploring, come over and enjoy a custom dish that you asked for! Work with Courtney and Terrence beforehand to create a delicious assortment from their menu for your entire stay.

*Season Dependent, get in touch to know exactly what's possible!

Corporate Retreats

We will work with you ahead of time to create a menu that can include Sushi, Creole and Cajun, more traditional dishes, or a combination of everything. Our restaurant has a space for meetings and presentations, as well as a sound system and projectors. In between functions everyone can enjoy beautiful Grates Cove and everything it has to offer!

Nature Themed

Looking for that great next adventure? With icebergs, whales, dolphins, seabirds, five hundred years of history and more amazing nature walks than you can shake your walking stick at, look no further than Grates Cove. We can provide guided tours of our lovely little area or whatever else we can do to make your stay unforgettable.

Seaweed Baths with your Stay

We are excited to be offering Saltwater Seaweed Baths! Relax like never before and let your stress melt away in the warm embrace of the sea. More info coming soon, but don't hesitate to contact us now to find out more!