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The adventure doesn't end in our Restaurant

At Grates Cove Studios Restaurant, Expect the Unexpected

Pack one of our picnic backpacks and have lunch in the gardens, next to the ocean or at one of the many picnic tables throughout Grates Cove.


April 29th and 30th

Call 587-3880 for reservations


Lobster Boulettes
Served with house savory mayo
Butternut Squash Jeon (Korean Vegetable pancake)
Ginger Dressing Salad


Cod Couvillion
with Cornbread Muffin


Pork Miso Noodle Bowl
Homemade noodles over a slow-cooked pork miso and kelp broth; served with sesame pork belly, seared root vegetables & soft boiled egg


Chocolate Molten with Butter Sauce
Pecan Shortbread Cookie with Vanilla Custard

Interesting in Cooking?

We also have cooking classes for Cajun, Creole, and Sushi!

Touton Burger

Take a peek at some of Grates Cove Studio Restaurant Dishes