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There is Art of Place…


Open year-round in historic Grates Cove.


At The Open Studio Restaurant,
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At Grates Cove Studios there is no
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There is Art of Place…

Where ancient paths are etched by generations walking the barrens and rock walls define the landscape as much as those who built them a whistling wind dances with waves carving a masterpiece called coastline.

There is Art in Place, and it includes you.

At Grates Cove Studios we celebrate art of place, and your place within it. We offer a warm and comfortable space from which to experience the wildness of the North Atlantic. We provide guided workshops to assist you in expanding your creative output, be it on canvas or a dinner plate. Most of all, we invite you to come and just be in this place. This place that has offered itself to thousands of weary travellers for hundreds of years. This place where all belong.

There is Art in Place, come explore yours.


About our little Studio on the Edge of the World

Grates Cove Studios is owned and operated by Artist/Designer Terrence Howell and Courtney Howell, Newfoundland and South Louisiana natives who met in, traveled around and ate their way through South Korea. In 2009, they chose to settle their family in the National Historic Site of Grates Cove, the birthplace of Terrence's father, grandmother and many ancestors. Come experience for yourself both the long and storied history of the region as well as the bright and exciting future.

Our accommodations offer stunning views of icebergs, whales, and the Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve. Located on the Baccalieu Trail at the most northerly point of the Avalon Peninsula, the town of Grates Cove is a National Historic Site boasting hiking trails, rock walls and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Grates Cove Studios is a home away from home for artists, writers and travellers alike. Just a scenic two-hour drive from St. John’s and open year round, come see what awaits you in Grates Cove!

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"This was the experience I was looking forward to the most, and it didn’t disappoint."

Stay With Us

As livyers (Newfoundland expression for those that live “year ‘round”) Harbour View Bed and Breakfast offers year-round accommodations, with each season offering spectacular experiences and opportunity in historic Grates Cove. Watch whales, icebergs and the comings and goings of ocean activity from your private bedroom, kitchen table or patio. Each bedroom features ample space for privacy and private bath. Harbour House offers a shared fully equipped kitchen, library, wifi and common area and is within walking distance of The Open Studio Restaurant.

Make Grates Cove Studios your home base as you explore the beauty of the landscape. We offer workshops in both printmaking and culinary arts, access to The Open Studio and you time and space to express yourself and take home new skills honed from your experiences here.

Dine and Cook With Us

At Grates Cove Studios we are all about the food!

The Open Studio Restaurant offers unique and unforgettable dishes that expand the notion of Newfoundland cuisine by combining the comforts of cherished family recipes with the excitement of new found favourites. Originally offering Cajun/Creole and Korean dishes, the Open House now includes Syrian influenced dishes created by Grates Coves newest residents.

The Open Studio Restaurant is open six days a week from May through October (closed on Wednesdays), and by reservation all year. We offered on and offsite catering, as well as hosting private functions. The Open Studio Restaurant is the ideal venue for an intimate celebration, contact us and we will be happy to help you organize your special event!

Located in the original Grates Cove schoolhouse, it includes a gift shop and open studio space featuring original art, craft and products inspired by Terrence and Courtney's explorations in and around Grates Cove.

We love teaching as much as eating! Get in touch for personal or group cooking classes in Creole, Cajun, and Sushi. We will work with you to create a truly unique experience where you gain new skills to bring home and share with your family and friends.

"The last thing I expected to find in a remote, seaside Newfoundland village was authentic Cajun and fusion food."

Feast An Edible Road Trip

Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller

Explore With Us

Looking for that great next adventure? With icebergs, whales, dolphins, seabirds, five centuries of history and more amazing nature walks than you can shake your walking stick at, look no further than Grates Cove Studios. Located at the beginning of the Baccalieu Trail, Grates Cove Studios is the perfect base to explore all the region has to offer.

The Rock Walls in Grates Cove were designated a National Historic Monument in 1995. Built in the 1700’s, these walls were used to create gardens, fields and to keep the livestock out! The hills surrounding the cove are covered in sprawling rock walls making the scenery even more spectacular. They're spread across almost 150 acres of landscape and are a rare surviving example of communal land unique to Newfoundland.

A Little About Us

Grates Cove Studios is owned and operated by Artist/Designer Terrence Howell and Courtney Howell, Newfoundland and South Louisiana natives, who met in, traveled around and ate their way through South Korea. In 2009, they pitched their family in the historic site of Grates Cove, the birthplace of Terrence's father, grandmother and many ancestors.

Soon after, they bought the old school house in Grates Cove and in 2011 started Grates Cove Studios.

What's At Grates Cove Studios?

Seaweed Baths with your Stay

We are excited to be offering Saltwater Seaweed Baths! Relax like never before and let your stress melt away in the warm embrace of the sea. More info coming soon, but don't hesitate to contact us now to find out more!

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"We were starving and the richness and burst of flavours of the etouffe really hit the spot. This was just a small sample of all the delicious food we would be having at the Café the following days."

Olivia Canela

Paula from Olivia Canela